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1st NANODRUG Summer School - 24- 27 June 2012 - Queen Mary University of London, UK

1st NANODRUG Summer School

Take different cultures and scientific backgrounds, add a broad professional network, many experts and a warm and sunny week of summer in London, mix all together, bake in a oven called Queen Mary University  for one week and you will “taste” an amazing experience  that frames   knowledge achievements, professional growth opportunities, networking and eventually why not consider the chance to make new friends.

This is the kind of event you feel slipping by really fast but when you stop and think about it, you realize a lot has been done and achieved during this week: A complete and clear NANODRUG project guideline; An overview on Nanoparticles and their potential and current applications;  How to deal with social dynamics that can occur during the project fulfillment, Knowing in person the PI, ER and ESR and so having the chance to build collaborations and exchange useful ideas; Producing a video for the webcast project; Learning about the experimental works of  all the members of the NANODRUG group.

From the 24th to the 27th of June students and researchers (ESRs and ERs) being part of the network met in London at the Queen Mary University, to take part of the first NANODRUG summer school organized by the co-ordinator of the project, Dr. Marina Resmini.  Participants were coming from: Queen Mary University of London (UK), Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique, Compiégne University of Technology (FR), University of Innsbruck (AU), Cranfield University (UK), University of Coimbra  (PT), Université Catholique de Louvain (BG), MJR PhramJet (DE) and Sanofi-Aventis (FR).

The program of the Summer School was based on lectures and practical trainings by experts of  drug delivery systems and about, among the others, drug development, drug carriers preparation and characterization, nanothechnology in drug delivery, nanomedicine, nanoparticles and colloidal systems, modern techniques of analysis and multifunctional delivery systems. All the materials of these courses has been uploaded on the NANODRUG website.

1st NANODRUG Summer School

In addition participants received trainings on important subjects like “Working with your supervisor effectively” and “Communicating your research effectively”. Those trainings were given by experts in the field invited from The Learning Institute of the Queen Mary University.

An expert of webinar and webcast projects was also invited to explain to the researchers how to make a scientific webcast. After the training all the researchers were thus involved in the preparation of a real webcast: two different projects were realized and the videos were shown later on during the international meeting to all the PIs.  Videos were uploaded into the website as well.

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