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3rd NANODRUG Summer School- 29th June-2nd July 2014, Biocant Park, Cantanhede, Portugal

3rd NANODRUG Summer School

The third NANODRUG Summer School was organised by Dr. Lino Ferreira and his two ESRs Michela Comune and Josephine Blersch. The School was held at Biocant Park - Center of Innovation and Biotechnology, Cantanhede, Portugal.

The three days programme in nanotechnology related topics included series of theoretical lectures focussing on the biocompatibility, cell studies and toxicity of nanomaterials. These lectures created a great interest and motivation among the participants who interacted actively. The two practical lectures were based on very useful techniques such as “qRT-PCR Analysis” and “High Content Microscope Analysis”. All sessions were delivered by the CNC Coimbra University scientists (Dr Lino Ferreira, Mario Graos, Paulo Oliveira, Akhilesh Rai, Sezin Aday, Helena Vazao, Sandra Pinto).

The summer school ended with the presentations of two spin-off (Treat U) from the University of Coimbra and (Matera) Biocant Park specialised in Biotechnology and biomaterials created from patents and based in Portugal.

The complementary skills session included lectures on giving and receiving feedback (Prof. Marina Resmini) and entrepreneurship basis (Hugo Ramos). Each session required a great deal of interactions between Fellows.

Another interesting part of the summer school was the Sales Pitch Presentation and Evaluation by Roberto Branco from Venture Capitalist. For this session, the Fellows were divided in iTeam Groups before the start of the Summer School and had to discuss which patent they would choose and prepare a report following the Venture Captitalist criteria and send it to Roberto Branco. During the summer school they received feedback on their proposal and their presentation sales skills.

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