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1st NANODRUG International Scientific Meeting - 27-30 June 2012 - London, UK

1st NANODRUG International Scientific Meeting

On 28th and 29th of June 2012 the first international scientific meeting of NANODRUG took place at the same venue as for the summer school, the Queen Mary University of London, under the guidance and the perfect organization of the co-ordinator Dr. Resmini.

All the Principal Investigators of the NANODRUG project joined the event together with the ESRs and the ERs.

During this event there was a lot of space for each researcher to present their current scientific projects and the way to contribute to the NANODRUG deliverables and milestones. The event helped researchers and PIs to know expertise of each other and starting creating collaborations and networks, which are the base for the realization of the NANODRUG project.

The researchers nominated two representatives, Mr Gabriele Saito from Queen Mary, University of London and Miss Jacqueline Maximilien from the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique, Compiègne University of Technology. Together they will keep the researchers community proactive. They have already decided to create a forum to discuss opinions, experiences in the lab,  help each other with scientific paper writing, among other things.
Dr Resmini stressed a lot both the PIs and researchers about the importance of secondments and trainings. Thus the researchers started planning their secondments inside of the network (schedule will be produced soon and uploaded on the website).

The meeting ended with an amazing experience on the London Eye, from which all the city of London is shown under your eyes.

1st NANODRUG International Scientific Meeting

All the participants went back to their base countries enriched of new scientific knowledge, ideas and motivations, but also with new friendships and collaborations. They all were thankful with Dr. Resmini for the efforts she put in organizing a very intense and productive NANODRUG Summer School and International meeting.

1st NANODRUG International Scientific Meeting

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